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How to Apply for Immigration Bail Bonds

Thousands of detained immigrants are released from detention on nationwide immigration bonds annually. Eligibility for the immigration bond depends on various factors which you need to know. If you need to get the lowest bond amount, you need to discuss your case personally with your immigration attorney who shall be handling the deportation case. You need to research more about these bonds to know how to get released easily. Also, you will find an immigration attorney giving you a spotlight on the bond eligibility. Here is a guide to the process of applying for immigration bail bonds.

If the detainee has no serious crime and must not be an arriving alien applying for admission at a port of entry, he or she is eligible for the bond. If you have ever been arrested, you need to speak to an experienced immigration attorney to know if you will become eligible or not. Remember that even if the charge is dismissed, it still affects the immigration bond acquisition procedure. Asking question concerning the bond to an experienced immigration attorney is wise. You need to have an experienced immigration attorney to simplify this process for you.

Then if you are eligible for an immigration bond, the discussion is still up to the ICE and immigration judge to consider giving you the bond. Consequently, you are to know if the ICE has set the initial release amount or not. If the ICE has no major arrest done or conviction record, there is a likelihood to find no initial amount set for the release. A negotiation for the bond will be done on your behalf by the attorney. Therefore, the court will arrange for the bond hearing quickly which will be about 1-2 weeks. The preliminary issues of the detainee are what the judge starts with if the detainee is eligible.

The person detained having any dangerous record to the society will not be subjected to the immigration bail bond. The first step in the court proceeding is the judge to know if the person is dangerous or has a criminal record. If the judge can get the evidence, then it is presented to the court. The judge will also say financial stability of the detainee. The next thing to look is the strong family and community ties of the detained person or if the person has attended to court previously.

Once you are eligible as said by the judge and the actual bail bond amount set for you, your attorney or family member can call the immigration agency to help release the detainee in the same day. With this article, you will find it easy applying for immigration bail bonds since the procedure is well described to you here.

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