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Reasons Why You Should Have Defibrillator All the Times

In most cases in places of work or even at home you may have a person who have cardiac diseases at it will be best if you have some necessary tools to help them when they are in danger. The best thing that you can do is to buy an AED at your place of work or at home such that you will be able to save anyone who gets the cardiac arrest. When someone gets the arrest without the AED he may lose his life because the emergency medical service will not be there immediately. For that matter if you have anyone who suffers for cardiac disease make sure that you equip yourself with the AED whenever they are. Here are some advantages of getting AED at home and work place.

One of the benefits of having AED is that it save treatment time and it increases the chances of saving the life of the person involved. In most cases you will call the emergency services and they will not be there within few seconds and it is easy for the person to die but when you have the EAD you will increase his treating time before they arrives. But if you don’t have the AED it is easily to lose the person because you are not ina position to increase his survival rate as you wait for the emergency services. You are more sure that it is possible to save your loved one who suffers ffromcardiac diseases when you have the EAD than when you only rely on emergency services.

The best thing with the AED is that it does not have weight and you can carry it anywhere and it also uses batter. It is best to have the AED since you won’t get tire of carrying it because it is not heavy and you can use it anywhere because it uses batteries. It is not hard to use such tool and you dot need a doctor for you to use it.

It is beneficial because you will not be able to shock the patient because it increases more harm to his heart when you do you. When you are able to keep the situation under control you will not attract the attention of the people around because the victim will not be in greater danger. It can be hard for your to get help for your loved one when there are many surrounding you and it is not best for that person because they need air. For that matter ensure that you carry your AED everywhere especially if you have such patient so that whenever there is an attack you will give him the first aid as you wait for the emergency services. The devise has been saving millions of lives of people and you should not have any doubts buying it when you have such a patient.

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