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How to Select the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fairfax County

Criminal charges such as reckless driving, DUI and DWI are quite serious and attract a harsh penalty, an aspect that can be quite devastating for anyone charged with such an offense. Whether you are guilty of the criminal charges leveled against you or not, you are still entitled to legal representation, hence the need to find a criminal defense lawyer to take up your case. Once you find a reputable criminal defense lawyer, chances of getting reduced jail time, a cleared criminal conduct or an eliminated jail sentence are quite high especially if you are a first time offender. However, if you live in Fairfax County, you may encounter a lot of challenges finding the right criminal defense lawyer as such legal practitioners are available in large numbers. To find the best criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax County, you may need to look into the following aspects.

Industry experience is one of the most crucial aspects you should look into when choosing a Fairfax County criminal defense lawyer. Considering that criminal law is quite a complex area of law that requires great knowledge and expertise, you should settle on a criminal defense lawyer that has been in the industry for a considerable period with a specialty in your area of concern to be assured of a fair trial. You should ensure that your preferred criminal defense lawyer has many years of hands-on experience using defense methods and tactics that have been proven to be effective in reducing jail time, eliminating jail sentence, protecting one’s record and family and also keeping your legal costs down. By taking a look at the volume of relevant cases your preferred criminal defense lawyer has handled and examine the outcome of those cases; you will be able to establish his or her capability in handling your case. If your preferred criminal defense lawyer was able to get a fair trial for his or her previous clients, your chances of getting a similar outcome are quite high.

How the prospective Fairfax County criminal defense lawyer is reputed is another important factor you should consider before enlisting his or her services. A Fairfax County criminal defense lawyer that is well-reputed will guarantee you quality services and professionalism in service delivery. By checking the state bar listings, you will be able to establish whether your preferred criminal defense lawyer has faced any recent disciplinary action or complaints from his or her previous clients, hence make the right choice. You can also ask for a client referral list through which you will be able to get a clear insight into what to expect from the lawyer. A reputable criminal defense lawyer will not hesitate to give you all the details you may need regarding his or her services.

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